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Welcome to Animal Matters


With 30 years experience in animal care, we at Animal Matters believe that your animals really DO matter. With the knowledge that most animals prefer to stay in their familiar surroundings rather than go through the stress of going to boarding facilities, we offer a home visiting service from mucking out your horse, feeding your cat, walking your dog to tending your chickens, goats and sheep. So whether you are on holiday, unwell or out for the day, we will look after your animals in their own home as if they were our own.


Animal Matters was established by Andrea Charlwood, an animal lover with a lifetime of animal ownership behind her, who swapped her career in travel for a much more rewarding career in animal care. As well as sharing her home with her four cats she also works closely with a recognised cat welfare society and regularly fosters cats, ultimately re-homing them. She has owned her own horse for many years and is experienced in all aspects of their care and well-being. She frequently assists in the running of her best friend೭all-holding, caring for chickens, ducks, geese, rescued horses and a variety of dogs (and the odd peacock!)


Animal matters is fully insured and police checked


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